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Dome Mountain Ranch
Dome Mountain Ranch
2017 US Highway 89 South
Emigrant, MT
phone: 800-313-4868
Dome Mountain Ranch is located in the heart of elk country a few miles from the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The Ranch and the "Point of Rocks Lodge" has been a part of hunting and the outdoors for nearly 35 years. A lot has changed and many improvements to the ranch have been made, specifically the lodging and operation. However, one thing that has not changed is the excellent opportunities for elk, mule deer, and black bear hunting and other outdoor activities.

The 5,000 plus private acres of the ranch lies adjacent to the Gallatin National Forest and areas of the Beartooth Wilderness. North of the ranch lies the Dome Mountain Wildlife Refuge area. Fish, Wildlife and Parks purchased these 4,000 acres in order to establish a viable winter range for the resident elk as well as the migrational herds of Yellowstone Park. It is not uncommon to see elk herds in the thousands on and around Dome Mountain during the yearly migration. The northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park is several miles south of Dome Mountain.

Dome Mountain Ranch is located in what is known as "AREA 313". This area has historically been the highest elk harvest area in the state of Montana, and often in the United States. This is elk country and we are lucky enough to not only be in it, but to also be right in the middle of a 15,000 year old migration trail used by the wintering elk of Yellowstone National Park. Year after year, migrating herds elk travel several miles in an effort to find feed and cover on Dome Mountain and the adjacent lands near it which will serve as their refuge.

Dome Mountain Ranch also offers special mule deer only hunts beginning in archery season and extending into the third week of rifle season. If you are truly looking for something unique, we hope you will give some thought to a mule deer hunt. Montana is also one of the top states when it comes to bear hunting. The habitat and vast wilderness areas allow these animals to thrive. We offer fantastic spring bear hunts as well. Our success rate is very good on bears, creating a thrilling adventure for those indiviuals with the patience and zeal to pursue these incredible creatures.

Dome Mountain Ranch: Trophy Room

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Dome Mountain Ranch web site below.
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