Water Valley Lodge - Click Me!Located outside of Gilbertown, Alabama, Water Valley Lodge offers some of the finest whitetail deer, turkey and wild boar hunting in Alabama. Our whitetail deer population is one of the largest in the whole state of Alabama.
Hog hunting during deer season at Water Valley is considered a bonus hunt. In addition to being allowed one buck each day, you are allowed to take unlimited hogs when hunting whitetail deer at Water Valley. There are no limits on the sex or the size of hogs you take. If you want to book a hog (only) hunt at Water Valley, you must come out of deer season. We have a two day minimum on our hog hunts.
Turkey Hunting at Water Valley Lodge is a special treat. You are assigned a guide who will know the layout of the land, will have turkeys located and will call the turkey for you if you wish.
Water Valley Lodge is located in Choctaw County, southwest Alabama. Rolling hills and timber have dominated the landscape since prehistoric times when this part of the world was a seabed. Always known for its timber, southwest Alabama has some of the best hunting in the deep south.
Brothers Jake and Jeff Utsey began putting together the plans for Water Valley in the late 1980's. When the original lodge mysteriously burned to the ground in 1996, Water Valley relocated, rebuilt and moved into the forefront of the industry in comfort and style. The hunting continues to improve every year with over 30,000 acres accumulated since Water Valley's conception.
Water Valley Lodge: Trophy Room

Water Valley Lodge - Click Me!

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Water Valley Lodge web site below.  To book a hunt now call: 251-843-3168 or E mail.