Black Warrior Hunting Service - Click Me!Black Warrior Hunting Service is located in Fosters, Alabama in Southern Tuscaloosa Co.  We hunt 2,500 acres in the bottom lands of the Black Warrior River.  Having just completed our 25th season, we are one of the oldest commercial hunting operations in Alabama.  We are also hunting one of the oldest managed tracts in Alabama.  We have been under a trophy or quality management program since 1977!
Alabama & Mississippi Hunts: For the past 3 years we have also been offering very limited hunts in North West Missisippi on several thousand acres in the famed Mississippi Delta.  In both Mississippi and Alabama we offer Bow, Black Powder and Rifle Hunts. The Mississippi Delta Hunts are limited to 2-4 hunters per hunt and to 4-6 hunters on our Alabama hunts.
Lodging and Meals: offered on all of our Alabama Hunts.  At this time, in Mississippi, we offer only a guide and hunt.  Lodging and meals are at the hunters' expense at motels located at Clarksdale, MS.
Rut Hunts in 2 States: By hunting in two states we are able to offer our hunters the chance to hunt two different distinct ruts.  The MS. Delta rut runs from late Nov. to approx. Dec. 25th.  The Alabama rut runs from approximately Dec. 15th to approximately Jan 20th.  After Jan. 20th you would be hunting the secondary rut.  In both states we are trying to take 3 1/2 year old or older buck, with minimum outside spreads of 17 in. or better.
Black Warrior Hunting Service - Click Me!               Black Warrior Hunting Service - Click Me!
Black Warrior Hunting Service's: Rifle Trophy Room

Black Warrior Hunting Service's: Bow Trophy Room
Quality Game Management: In Mississippi there is a 125 B&C Gross Minimum, because anything that scores less than that will likely be a 2 1/2 year old buck. There are penalty fees charged in both states for any under sized buck taken. Due to great genetics and low hunting pressure the quality of bucks are a little bit better in the Mississippi Delta than the bucks you will find in Alabama. Most of our bucks taken in Alabama will Gross Score 115 B&C up to 150 B&C. Our bucks in the Mississippi Delta will gross score 125 B&C up to 170 B&C plus. There is a much better chance to kill 150-170 B&C plus bucks on our Mississippi Delta Hunts.
For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Black Warrior Hunting Service's web site below.  To book a hunt now call: 205-349-4889 or E mail.