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We have laid out the following Talk Forum rules, not to punish anyone or to thwart anyone’s creative imagination, but rather, to establish a peaceful, friendly environment where everyone can feel at ease and enjoy our forums.
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1. The use of profanity is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on any level.  This includes the following: cursing, sexual innuendo, vulgar statements or similar remarks.
2. At no time will threatening, harassing or abusive remarks be allowed or directed toward another forum member.
3. No topics or statements which could be used to reflect poorly on archery, bowhunting, hunters or hunting in general will be allowed.
4. No slanderous or libelous posts - Deliberately making false claims about a company, organization or an individual are illegal and thus prohibited.


5. No Advertising.


This includes both commercial and nonprofit advertising, EXCEPT for the Free Classified Ads at the very bottom of the forum where talk forum members are allowed to buy, sell or trade the following items: Archery Equipment, Hunting Equipment, Guns and Accessories, Camping Equipment, Video and Electronics Equipment, Hunting Dogs, ATVs & Quads, Pickups & RVs, Hunting Property and Miscellaneous Items.  Non-compensating outfitters, organizations or commercial businesses are NOT allowed to use the Free Classified Ad section.  We have very affordable marketing and promotional programs available to outfitters, organizations and commercial businesses.  Please go to: and find the Advertise link and then E mail us for more information or simply E mail us at:


Only Sponsors under contractual agreement by the United Outfitters Association,, i.e., industry companies, guides, outfitters and outfitting operations are granted exclusive permission to advertise their goods and services on our conferences.


An advertisement or ad is defined as any post, comment, topic or obvious attempt to solicit business.  An individual may respond, however, to a question on how to contact a business along with responses to inquiries on products or services.  Suspicious contributions will be removed at our admin's and/or moderators sole discretion.


6. Topics must be related to the forum in which it is placed.  No off-topic posting will be allowed.  This means that while in the Whitetail Forum, only topics directly related to white-tailed deer and/or white-tailed deer hunting will be allowed.  As another example: a question on hunting black bear posted in the Reloading Forum is not allowed.


7. Contributors who are argumentative, intolerant, confrontational, and lack respect for others will be removed.  While debate is often well-intended and at times thought-provoking, those individuals who habitually debate or continuously thrive on and insight confrontation will be removed and possibly blocked from making future posts and contributions.  This is necessary to ensure that all of our talk forum members enjoy a positive experience.


8. Anonymous or "bogus" registrations are prohibited.  Individuals who register for our services under assumed or "bogus" names will be removed immediately.


9. Please refrain from posting anything that could be used by anti-hunting groups to support their cause.  Remember: that this is the Internet and it is very easy to misread or misinterpret one's comments.  Please keep this in mind as you post your comments, since anti-hunting groups may visit this site in search of ammunition for their cause.


10. Editing for content and forum balance is at sole discretion of U.O.A., Staff.


We reserve the exclusive right to edit for content and scope among topics.  The Staff reserves the right to edit for any reason we see fit without prior justification or explanation.



Thank you for reading and complying with these rules.  Enjoy our forums!
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