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Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts
Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts
RR 1 Box 121B
Simpson, IL
phone: 618-672-4755
Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts is located in the southernmost part of Illinois in the fertile Ohio River Bottoms, also known as the deer capital of Illinois. We offer the ideal environment for harvesting trophy whitetails. The natural make-up of our land coupled with the extensive time and effort put into enhancing our property provides you with the best trophy hunting opportunity.

TO BOOK A HUNT CONTACT JAROD JACKSON - Home: 618-672-4755 or Cell: 618-559-2967

We have almost 11,000 acres of private land consisting of crop lands, white-oak acorn forests, swamps and sloughs around the old Ohio River bottoms. In addition, a fertile soil has allowed us to produce rich food plots creating a sanctuary for reclusive monster bucks. A multitude of secret food plot mixes are interspersed throughout our properties which serve to maintain and enhance our big buck population. Our area has produced giant bucks scoring up to 208 typical inches and Boone and Crockett, 250-plus inch non-typicals. Only Pope and Young bucks scoring 130" and larger may be taken which allows for optimal maturation of bucks.

In addition to this big buck refuge, our land is scouted thoroughly throughout the year to maximize your chances for a successful hunt. We have up to 300 or more lock on and ladder stand sites ready and in position. Currently we use the top ladder and Loc-on Stands on the market. Over the years our guides have found that close tree steps that hunters can reach and ladder sticks are appreciated by our hunters. We try and position a majority of all stands between 17 and 20 feet in height. Our guides are ready and willing to work for you while you are in. If you see a large animal across a field and ravine we will try and help you move to get on the animal. Our guides are family and friends that have grown up and lived in the area all their lives!

Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts guarantees the work ethic and dedication required to provide you with the hunt of a lifetime. We have a high return rate on past hunters. Our hunters are not only impressed with the bucks on our land but also the extraordinary quality and management of our food plots. Our overall acres and those of high protein food plots continue to amaze our hunters each year.

Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts Bow Kills: Trophy Room

Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts Gun Kills: Trophy Room

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts web site below.
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