Xtreme Management Hunts - Click Me!Xtreme Management Hunts offers fully-guided and semi-guided trophy whitetail and turkey hunts. We operate in Pike County, Illinois and southeast Iowa -- The midwest's premier trophy whitetail hunting locations.
Firearm hunts and archery hunts are offered on a limited basis to maintain low hunting pressure. Maintaining year round nutrition with various food plots and initiating extensive managment practices ensures our trophy whitetail deer and turkey develop to their full potential. We are now using the same conservation and trophy management techniques that have proven successful on our Illinois deer hunts to enhance the hunting opportunities on our exclusive Iowa trophy hunts as well.
Iowa whitetail hunts provide exposure to similar trophy whitetail deer and turkey. Iowa deer hunts are limited due to the availability of permits from the state so contact us today about these exclusive hunts. We operate our Illinois deer hunts in the northern part of Pike County along the Mississippi river valley. Field crops are plentiful along with hardwood timbers. We plant additional crops of clover, oats, alfalfa and brasicas to maintain nutrition over the entire year.
Intensive management is key to our success. We maintain very low whitetail and turkey hunting pressure, offering our hunters a great chance at a successful harvest. Doe harvest is maintained by offering every hunter harvesting a doe a chance at a free hunt. We maintain a strict limit of 140-inch (gross) Boone and Crockett score on our mature bucks. These guidelines enable us to continue offering quality Illinois whitetail trophy hunts.
Stands are pre-hung in pre-scouted areas ready to hunt the first day of your hunt. Our hunts usually begin with your arrival on Sunday morning for orientation of your hunting area and stand locations. You can hunt Sunday afternoon through Friday morning and depart on Friday evening.

Xtreme Management Hunts -Click Me!

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Iowa deer hunts are available in southeast Iowa on a limited basis. Join us for a great Iowa muzzleloader hunt. Permits are on a draw and very limited; it usually takes a bonus point from the pervious year to draw.
For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Xtreme Management Hunt's web site below.  To book a hunt now call: 217-430-2695 or E mail.