Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. - Click Me!Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, ITB, is a whitetail deer outfitter owned and operated by Illinois Bowhunters. Who better to guide you on an Illinois archery or gun hunt than the guys who grew up in Illinois bow hunting these trophy bucks. Since 1991, we have been guiding bow and gun hunters on their quest for trophy Illinois whitetail deer, in famous Pike County and all of the Golden Triangle area of west central Illinois.
Our archery leases are only hunted 3 weeks per year, during the rut. This is why we can achieve annual success rates from 35 to 60 percent with shot opportunities over 90 percent! We have exclusive hunting leases on farms in several west central counties in Illinois. This is the "Golden Triangle" area of Illinois that everyone is talking about, and where all the big bucks are being harvested.
Our leases consist of over 14,000 acres of prime whitetail habitat. Our woods are small with long narrow ridges of timber. The deer movement to and from the corn, alfalfa, clover and soybean fields create an incredible funnel effect that is ideal for bowhunting. About 75 percent of our hunters will see the biggest buck of their life while hunting with Illinois Trophy Bowhunters.
Our best typicals are in the 180 to 200 class and our best non-typicals are in the 180 to 240 class. A testament to our quality program is the fact that our hunters are returning to hunt for 5 and 6 years in a row! If you want to eat, breathe and sleep trophy whitetail deer, hunt with ITB!

Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. - Click Me!

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, Inc. web site below.  To book a hunt now call: 217-632-4595, 217-698-5798 or E mail.