Day 5:
At 10:00 a.m. I got up and showered, taking every precaution to eliminate my human scent.  I decided to tear down one of my stands and relocate it to a spot where I could hunt the primary scrape that the big buck was using and cover any trails leading to and from it.  I wanted to be as odorless as possible while erecting the new stand to prevent myself from dispersing alarming scent in the area.

Having lost faith in the farm that I hunted for the first two days, I quickly tore down one of the stands that I had hung during an early scouting mission.  I snuck into the new spot around 11 a.m. and set my stand in the stand-friendly, V-shaped confines of a slightly immature oak tree.  Being extra cautious, I even wore a pair of Elimitrax to and from the stand area to completely conceal my entry and exit trail.
I then trimmed a few faint shooting lanes to allow for multiple shot angles and got out of the area as quickly and as quietly as possible.  It was 2:15 p.m. when I finished.  Feeling that it was too late to shower and get back to the stand without tipping my hand, I decided to give the area a chance to settle down and chose to spend the remainder of the day resting and rewashing my hunting clothes.

While at the local Laundromat later that day, the sky suddenly opened up and let loose with a short burst of rain.  I hoped that it would be enough to wash away any scent that I may have inadvertently left behind when setting the stand in the new area.  With all of my clothes freshly washed and neatly folded in airtight containers, I watched the day slowly dissolve into night as I loaded my truck and drove back to the Bed and Breakfast.

After getting settled in, I watched the local weather forecast before heading off to bed.  By all indications, the stretch of good weather that I enjoyed for the majority of my trip would continue.  With any luck the big 10-point had tuned in to The Weather Channel as well.
While the thought of crossing paths with the big buck again ran through my mind, I tossed and turned until I fell asleep.
 Stay Tuned For Day 6