Bucks and Beards Outfitters - Click Me!Bucks and Beards Outfitters operate in northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa, offering trophy whitetail and Eastern turkey hunts.
Bowhunting is our specialty! We specialize in archery whitetail hunting on over 10,000 acres of PRIME, private hunting land, with over 4000-plus acres designated for ARCHERY ONLY! No hunting is allowed on our land before the last week of October to ensure our hunters have fresh, non-pressured land to increase their chances of taking that trophy of a lifetime!
We offer a limited number of hunts to ensure you're hunting fresh stands and to keep pressure on the game to a minimum. In our 9 years of outfitting we have a 65 percent success rate for our archery deer hunts. If you're looking for Pope and Young book measurements look no further than Bucks and Beards Outfitters.
Rifle and muzzleloader rut hunts are available in limited numbers. Rifle season in northwest Missouri is during the rut. This offers rifle hunters a prime opportunity to take a great buck during this season. With over 8000 acres to hunt, the buck of a lifetime could be headed your way!
Northwest Missouri also offers fantastic turkey hunting! It's not uncommon to hear up to 20 different gobblers on a clear spring morning. Birds in the 25-pound and up range are not uncommon. Scattered timber, plenty of CRP, and crop ground give us the perfect habitat for our large eastern population. Men, women, children and physically challenged individuals are all welcome to hunt with us. We have a lot of fun during turkey season! Hunting ends at 1:00 p.m. daily, so this leaves us plenty of time to rest, fish or enjoy a game of golf.

Bucks and Beards Outfitters - Click Me!

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